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While mixing mediums and exploring techniques has become common practice among artists today, achieving results that are formally successful and visually satisfying remains a significantly more difficult challenge. By their nature, prints involve a negotiation between technique and aesthetics and it is through the making of multiple images that the artist seeks to achieve this fine balance. While printmaking does allow artists to experiment, it is often set aside or ultimately abandoned for drawing and painting; more immediate and unmediated forms of expression.

Artist Patricia Hines fully understands the inherent tensions in such creative decisions. After a career of performing with the strict discipline and technical exactitude demanded of a fabric designer, Patricia now delights in the freedom to experiment with both medium and motif. Her singular and unique monoprints, complemented by recent forays in the field of ceramics, reflect a seemingly boundless capacity for technical adventure that continues to be informed by the creative possibilities of printmaking in strong and subtle ways.

Patricia lives and works in the Peel region of Western Australia, and it is the beauty and diversity of this environment that often provides the initial inspiration for her subject matter. But with a printmaker’s affinity with the hidden patterns and repeating rhythms of a landscape, Patricia’s artworks move quickly away from literal description. Constructed in layers that are both printed and painted, her images and objects combine strong geometry with emphatic mark making so as to emphasize the timeless yet ever-changing truths of our bush environment.

Patricia’s abiding passion for making and experimenting, and her manifest pleasure in printing, pressing and painting one surface against another, has resulted in art that reflects the order and spontaneity of this artist’s vision.

Catherine Czerw
Independent Curator

photography by Russell Ord Photography, Photo courtesy of Visit Mandurah

(photography by Russell Ord Photography, Photo courtesy of Visit Mandurah)