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THE BIRD – Sculpture by Patricia Hines

This bird is made from flotsam and jetsam scavenged from Bathers Beach, Fremantle by a friend who lived opposite the beach for 30 years. The beach is next to the South Mole and some of the debris may have been dumped there as ’fill’ for the construction of the mole or by ships???

The framework is made using Glory Vine (False Grape) tendrils tied together with cable ties and the structure has interior timber struts bolted together for stability. Each piece has been drilled and then tied onto the framework using waxed thread or string except where it was possible to attach with screws. The head and chest have a base of embroidery mesh sprayed black onto which all items are sewn. All of these items may have been in the ocean for up to 100 years and are very hardy and have a tough outer layer of salt from travelling with the tide. Amongst the many items collected were (although not all were used on the bird itself) – timber, asbestos, shells, fossilized limestone tree roots, aluminium cans, glass, coal, china, bricks, stones, gravel, plastic rope, toys, feathers and plastic jewellery.

Most of the timber pieces may have been roof shingles considering their consistent shape and thickness?

I have cut only a few pieces of timber to fit the bird shape otherwise it is all original – there is nothing on the sculpture which was not collected from the beach.

Also included with the sculpture is a nest made from Glory Vine which will be left out in the rain until installation time so it suits the weathered sculpture. In this nest with the sculpture will be several large eggs made using Paper Clay which has been bisque fired and then had pieces of the glass, coal, bricks, stones and fossilised limestone tree roots glued on. Size is 25mm in length (these eggs are yet to be grouted photo on the CD)

The bird’s shape is representative of the Common Bronzewing Pigeon.

THE BIRD – Sculpture by Patricia Hines

THE BIRD – Sculpture by Patricia Hines

NB None of the asbestos scavenged has been used in this sculpture in any way.